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TS Jesse

Transsexual pornstar TS Jesse


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It is a little of time when I was writing here last time. But today I would like to give you some bonus. One of latest photossets from Ts Jesse has been called Naughty Girl Jesse. It is something extra for fans of shemale Jesse. This transsexual star posing here topless in sexy panties only. We can admire her big round tits from first photos. But later there is a more spicy situation. Jesse is taking of her sexy panties and shows her huge cock. It is always nice and well shaved. Probably you would liek to suck it, I too. Shemale Jesse has nice makup which makes from her very sexy tgirl. Nice photos Jesse Ts! We are wating for a movie!

shemale jesse naughty
Jesse Ts posing naked and shows her tranny cock

Huge cocked shemale in sexy xmas uniform? No problem! Shemale Jesse has surprise for you. She is posing in sexy red xmas uniform. Jesse is not making only a list of gifts. She is stripping and showing all the hottest part of her body. In this photos you will find completly naked body of shemale Jesse during hard masturbating action. It is not the end. You can count on hot cumming action from Ts Jesse. It is very spicy set of tranny Jesse which you have to check. I have posted here sample gallery comming from this photoset.

jesse ts xmas photos
Jesse Ts in xmas uniform shows her cock

m jesse as sexy rainbow bright1 m jesse as sexy rainbow bright2

Ts Jesse is posing in sexy rainbow color uniform. Shemale Jesse is looking very sexy and her body is visible great. It menas that all her round shapes are visible despite clothes. It is becouse her uniform is very tight. She is wearing blue bra. Under her mini skirt she is wearing nothing and her big cock with balls is visible. When Jesse is making it bigger cock has very huge size. Shemale is start stroking her lovetool to the climax time. Then Jesse Ts is shooting big amout of sperm.

m jesse as sexy rainbow bright3 m jesse as sexy rainbow bright4

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m california dreams of ts jesse1 m california dreams of ts jesse2

Jesse TS posing on the beach in the newtest photoupdate of TS Jesse official page. Jesse is completly naked and posing on beautiful yellow beach. She is playing with sand and with her sexy tranny body. She is showing her tits and ass. When she is hot enough she start making her cock bigger. When it is really huge Jesse is starting play her cock faster and faster. There are no any man, girl or other shemale to fuck. Just shemale Jesse alone on the beach is playing her cock and cumming.

m california dreams of ts jesse3 m california dreams of ts jesse4

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m_hot_day_of_shemale_jessel1  m_hot_day_of_shemale_jessel2

Horny shemale Jesse has a big problem in sunny days. When is hot she is wearing bikini but very always it is not enough. She needs to be naked to feel comfortable. When Jesse is naked she has next problem.Her naked body making her hotter and she want to fuck somone. If she has a company there are no problem becouse she showing her hot ass and has nice anal sex then. But when she is alone there aren’t any choose and she needs to masturbate herself. She is starting playing with her cock but sometimes she needs bigger pleasure for example penetrating her tight ass. Then she is putting her long fingers into her tight anal hole and start playing it. She really love doing this thing and very often tranny Jesse has clmax then. If it is not enough she start stroking her cock and tasting her own cum. After this action she feel great again. To this post I am including four sample photos comming from the latest photoset of Jesse TS personal page.

m_hot_day_of_shemale_jessel3  m_hot_day_of_shemale_jessel4

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jesse ts as halloween bewitched  bewitched jesse ts

Halloween is comming. Jesse Ts has been prepared special holiday bonus for all her funs. It has been published of course at her own Ts Jesse site. This time our favourite tranny pornstar is wearing bewitched uniform. She has typical long hat, and typical dress. Of course it is not just next bewitched uniform. It is sexy uniform, becouse it is very short and has visible garterbelt witch sexy black pantyhose. Jesse TS posing in the background of halloween items like pumpkins, pot and skull.
In next few pictures shemale Jesse is stripping and showing her round ass. In the end she is taking off her panties and showing her cock. She is showing her body from all sides, still wearing black hat. She looks very sexy and spicy. She looking like real bewitched who probably you would like to fuck. Finally she is having great cumshot. She is cumshooting into the pot. It is very nice special occasion photoset. If you would like to see all the photos just join TS Jesse paysite now!

 TS Jesse halloween photos  shemale pornstar Jesse TS

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 min_back_to_school_of_tranny_jessie1  min_back_to_school_of_tranny_jessie3

Back To School it is a new episode from the official site of the famous shemale pornstar Jesse Ts. In this serie of photos star Jesse has been dressed for the student. She is wearing a sexy schoolgirl costume. Its components are red mini skirt, black sweater, knee-length socks and black shoes. TS Jesse is wearing the elegance glasses that makes from her incredibly exciting person.
Ts Jesse posing in the classroom, sitting on the bench. Under the table she is slowly taking off her panties and playing with her penis. Her high-heeled shoes makes from shemale pornstar Jesse extremely horny person. Jessie has makup, which highlights her eyes. Tranny Jassie by this makeup is even more exciting.

min_back_to_school_of_tranny_jessie4  min_back_to_school_of_tranny_jessie5

Frankly I have never seen such exciting pictures of star TS Jesse. Her penis is very tasty and everyone would like to suck it. At the beginning cock is small, but Jesse beginning to play around with it. Very quickly the job is done and cock is huge and buoyant. Then it looks like a tasty sausage that you want to eat. Hmmmm …. this cock is delicious.



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min_ts_jesse_diamonds_are_a_girls_best_friend1  min_ts_jesse_diamonds_are_a_girls_best_friend2

Every know that the best friends of girls are diamonds. This new pictures published on TS Jesse page seems to confirm it. Jesse is shemale which has beautiful feminine body who loves diamonds.

min_ts_jesse_diamonds_are_a_girls_best_friend3 min_ts_jesse_diamonds_are_a_girls_best_friend4

In this new photoset Jesse wearing only jewelry. I should write that it is just small chain full of diamonds. Of course it is cover noithing so you can admire all the body of Jesse. It means that her firm breast is fully denuded, the same like her monster size cock! It is true. Jesse has monster size cock which looks like long roll.

min_ts_jesse_diamonds_are_a_girls_best_friend5  min_ts_jesse_diamonds_are_a_girls_best_friend6

There is Jesse poses in few positions. I really like that ones where Jesse poses from behind in doggy position. When I can admire her round shape ass and well hung cock between her long legs. I really like watching photos where shemale Jesse is keeping her cock hard. Then her big cock looks bigger then really is… And I love when Jesse poses in stride. You can look at her long cock beetween shape legs from front. Yes TS Jesse is loveliness and not only at this set of pictures.

messite_ts_as_police1  messite_ts_as_police2 is an official site of famous shemale pornstar Jesse. Who is Jesse? Jesse is sweet long blond haired tranny with green eyes. Her body is athletic but very feminine. She has 40D chest and about 130 lbs of weight. She is sportwomen – it means that she like sport, she is not smoking, not drinking and she don’t accept dugs. She just takes care about her body.

jesse ts shemale pornstar

Ts Jesse is not new shemale star. It menas that she is in this industry from many years and have many movies on her account. She is unusual shemale porn access. Her body is hot, cock is long but there is something else. She is born to act in shemale movies, becouse camera loves her. The result is simple – the best shemale movies and thousands of funs. From few months she has her own official site.

messite_ts_as_police3  messite_ts_as_police4

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